Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Next conversation: Our Research Topics

Hi everyone,
I think we should share our (possible) research topics for our final papers. I know that I am in need of any help I can get :) , and I'm sure we could all use some help in what direction we should go in.

I found a great book on qualitative research through Google Books - Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods by Patton (2002). It's published by Sage, which is a major publisher for qualitative research methods. Check it out...


  1. The possible local sites I am interested in for my research topic are: Art for Physically Challenged (Shemer Center); School for Homeless (Thomas Pappas School); or Victims of Domestic Violence (Free Arts of Arizona).

  2. That sounds really interesting! I've always wanted to volunteer at Free Arts, but lack the time.

    How are you going to "get in" to do your study? Do you know someone in these groups?

  3. Free Arts has come twice to the Children's Museum of Phoenix (where I work) to do programs with their children.

  4. I love that place!!!! You are so lucky to work there!

  5. Thanks! I feel pretty lucky :) I'm there all the time, if you ever go, ask if I'm working and say hello! :)

    Back to my research topic...I still haven't heard back from anyone at Free Arts, so as of right now, I'm not "in" yet :-/

  6. mine is on my QRP/thesis thing... computer arts, virtual gallery, blogs, etc. so fun.


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